Hello, I am Katie Opitz, and I am running for State Legislator District 8 to stand up against the rapid spread of extreme agendas threatening Nebraska.

  I am a wife, a mother, and an educator. I am also a Bible-believing Christian. I am not a politician; I have not been groomed to be political. I am your neighbor. My family has been blessed to live in District 8 for 22 years. I believe:  
    Our children are our future, and our most important task is to teach them to think critically and logically.  
    As women we have the right to safe, private spaces.  
    No one should be forced or coerced to undergo any medical procedure or experiment.  
    Healthy and vigorous debate should be free from the threat of censorship.  
    A society that does not protect its most vulnerable will not survive.  
    Life begins at conception and every life is precious.  
    Protecting parental rights is protecting children.  
  If elected, I will uphold the values that have made Nebraska the best place in the country to live, work and raise a family.  
  It is time for ordinary citizens to reclaim 'by the people, for the people'.  
  Vote Katie Opitz for State Legislature

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